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Version 9.0 Upgrade

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The new CDA Service Manager Version 9.0 release incorporates many new features as well as structure changes designed to maximize program efficiency and reduce data overhead requirements.   It also includes new or revised real-time interfaces with Service Bench, Service Power, LG and Map Quest.   Many areas of the program that contained old code have been re-written to improve performance.   Although the look and feel of the program has not changed much, there are a lot of behind-the-scene changes and there is a lot more going on.  These changes are all part of our ongoing development plans to provide the necessary tools and environment for future releases.


New Handling for Itemized Labor:

One of the biggest changes in the program’s code was the re-structuring of the way you will handle Labor charges.  This release gives you the ability to split the coverage for labor charges in the same manner used as when applying parts.  You will now be required to make an Itemized Labor Entry when applying labor to a work order.  The Itemized Labor window is now permanently displayed at the top of the “Totals” window so you can see all of your labor entries at a glance.


As you can see in this example, there are three labor entries.  Two for COD and one for Warranty charges.


To add a new labor charge, just click the Add button to display the following window:

Here, you have the choice of selecting a pre-defined labor rate from the dropdown box or manually entering the rate.  You can also assign a tech and include commission.



The New Work Order Entry Window:

Take a look at the new Work Order Entry window.  Aside from a few small layout changes we circled the new entries and we’ll provide explanations for each below…

Work Order Time Log: 

This new feature will allow you to track the actual time spent on each job.  It will control Start and Stop times for all techs involved on the job.  A running total is also included.  These functions also link to MobileCDA.  When the mobile tech arrives and departs a job, entries are recorded in the work order time log. 


A new Excel report was also added in the Work Order Reports menu.  This report will provide work order time totals for all work orders within a selected time period.


Preferred Contact Method:

You can now select the method for which the customer prefers to be contacted.



The Email/Text window will allow you to send a quick email or SMS text message to the customer, the technician assigned to the job, or both.  It also has a database that will log every message sent with a date and time stamp as well as the user sending the message.   The auto email messages will be stored here as well.  This is a good way to keep track of all the message transmissions between all parties.


This is the new Email/Text window:


Service Bench Entitlement & Product History:

The new Service Bench Real-Time Interface (ver. V5) now has the ability to quickly retrieve both the Entitlement and Product History information directly from the SB web portal with just a click of the mouse.  The information will be displayed in a browse window and will give you the ability to print it if you like.


The Time Slot field has been added next to the Scheduled Date field.  This field will be auto populated when dispatches are received via your real-time interfaces.


Employee Time Log:

In CDA version 8.9 we introduced a simple Employee Time Log that allow employees to clock in and out throughout the day.  In the new version 9.0, we enhanced these functions to make it work more like a traditional time clock.  The employees will clock in and out throughout the day with the appropriate comments and the system will control the times and totals for each segment.


Employee Time Log Window:


The system requires an End of Day time out.  Since it’s possible for an employee to neglect to sign out, the system will automatically sign him out at a designated time that you setup for each work day.  See example below:


Employee Record:

The Employee record now includes functions to Scan or Attach files and documents.


Scheduler Enhancements:

We designed an interface with Map Quest to bring you a more efficient way to display your routes showing more information and the ability to optimize the route with a click of the mouse. 

Two new buttons have been added.  “Route Planner” and “Route Import”.  The Route Planner button will display your route in Map Quest’s Route Planner web application.  The Route Import button will import your route from Map Quest and automatically re-arrange the Job order to match the optimization you made when in the map mode.

Notice the Job order before optimization:

When you export your route to Map Quest, you will notice more information is provided.



This is the above route prior to optimization.  Notice that the order of the stops are scattered. 


This is the same route after clicking the optimize button.


When you click on a stop, you can see all the information about it:

You can manually re-arrange stops using drag and drop.


Finally, Map Quest will create a unique URL for your route.  By simply copying and pasting the route URL into the “Import Route” window, CDA will automatically re-arrange the job order in your Tech Routes window to match your optimized selections from within the Map Quest Mode.

These changes will also update MobileCDA.  You will also have the options of sending the optimized route via Email.  Or, if your vehicles are equipped with On Star or Sync, the routes can be uploaded directly to provide turn-by-turn voice guidance.


This new Map Quest interface is being offered as an option and there will be a $15.00 per month charge to use it.  The original functionality is still available in CDA 9.0.


Re-Assign Techs:

We also added the ability to Re-Assign the technician from within the Tech Routes window.  Previously, you had to open the work order or switch to the Scheduler window to do this.  You can now see the Customer Notification Results from this window as well.



MobileCDA Enhancements:

1.    An optional module has been added to MobileCDA that will give your techs the ability to view all attachments that are associated with the work orders.  A new tab has been added “WO-ATCH”.  Attachments will be displayed as thumb-nails.  All pictures, invoices, pdf’s, and other attachment files will reside here including files attached from the office side.

2.   We also added a new report “Mobile File Attachments Log”.  This will allow you to see a list of all the files that were imported from mobile techs and attached to work orders.   The report will show all attachments with information such as the Date, File Name and Size, the Claim number and Customer’s Name.  This is a good way to validate what is being sent in by your techs and how the files are being processed.  



New User Profiles:

1.  Added a new user profile to allow the user to remove the Rework Status from a Work Order.

2.  When a user adds an attachment to a work order or any other type of record, the user has the ability to navigate through the various drives and folders available through a Windows file manager dialog box in order to find files.  This setting will restrict the user to a pre-defined folder for picking up attachments.  You can place all the files that you want to make available for attachments in this pre-defined folder and the users will not be able to browse other areas of the drive.



New Repair Category Added:

We added “Sealed System” to the Repair Category dropdown list.  This is a required field for some Appliance Manufacturers.  This will be reflected in the claims file format as well.



New Field Requirements for Viking:

Recently, Service Bench added Viking to their claims processing.  It was necessary for us to add a few additional fields in CDA to comply.  When you enter the Brand code for Viking on the work order, you will see the following new fields.


New Field in Inventory Window:

We added “Last PO Number” to the inventory window.  Now you can easily see what the last PO # was for each part.


New “Rebilled Claims” Report:

This new report will provide information on all of the claims that have been rejected and re-submitted for payment.



Re-Designed Revenue Breakdown Report:

The enhanced Revenue Breakdown report now includes more sort and filter options and the new Excel export option provides a very detailed look at the way revenue applies to each record.




New Active Flag:

We added an ACTIVE flag in the Manufacturer’s, Dealer’s, and Vendor’s setup windows.  Un-checking this box will remove them from the dropdown windows throughout the program.  This will give you the ability to keep information on file about these companies even if you no longer use them.




All New Service Bench Real-Time Interface:

As you may know by now, Service Bench has released an all new real-time interface (V5).  It is completely redesigned and written using SOAP Web Services.  This is a more advanced platform offering a much higher level of data security and it also has opened the path for a higher level of future integration with N.E.W.


This new interface is being offered at this time as an option and there will be a $15.00 per month charge to use it.  The old SB interface is still currently working in CDA 9.0 and you are welcome to use it as-is,  however Service Bench has plans on discontinuing it in the near future.  We urge you to consider upgrading to the new SB V5 interface as soon as possible.  The added security for your data is well worth the change.   As you know, security breaches have been an increasing issue over the years and new technology is required to combat it.  There will be no further development, maintenance, or support available for the old V4 interface.


Enhancements to LG Real-Time Interface:

LG has added the ability to process Warranty claims through their Real-Time interface.  CDA 9.0 has added this feature in the new LG Interface module.  In addition to claims processing, you will be able to click a button on the work order and get a detailed status of the claim submitted.   


This new LG interface is being offered as an option and there will be a $15.00 per month charge to use it.  The original interface is still available in CDA 9.0 and you are welcome to use it as-is.  There will be no further development, maintenance, or support available for the old interface.



Other Program Enhancements:

  • • Increased the size of the Accessory fields from 10 to 20 characters.
  • • Enhanced the Vendor “Open RMA Report” to show more detail on the Excel Export.
  • • Enhanced the parts tracking “Parts Returned and Awaiting Full Credit” report to show more detail on the Excel Export.
  • • Enhanced the parts tracking “Parts Returned and Awaiting Core Credit” report to show more detail on the Excel Export.


Transparent Structure Changes:

  • • In previous versions, all memo fields such as In-House Comments, Status Comments, etc. were stored in the work order data tables LOG.DBF and LOG.DBT. Since memo fields tend to grow rapidly and create a load on the database file, we removed the fields and created separate relational data tables for them. This dramatically release the load on the work order files and increased its performance and limitations.
  • • The same process was done to handle accessory and labor rates information.
  • • A new backup process was added to the CDAINDEXING function. Now, prior to indexing, all files will be zipped, named with the current date, a new backup folder located in \CDASERV\BACKUP. The files will be overwritten every seven days. Therefore, you will always have separate data backups for the past seven days. This function was provided to add additional backup coverage to your existing server backup system. It was not intended to replace your existing backup system.








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