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These are some of the most frequently asked questions.  Please feel free to contact our support team if you do not find the answer to your questions...


Does the CDA Software support Remote Desktop Access?  

Yes, we have many service companies running the CDA software using Microsoft Terminal Server as well as other communications software such as PC Anywhere, etc. You do not need to purchase an additional license to run a remote workstation. However, an additional license is required for CDA to control each additional business location remotely or independently.


Why am I experiencing slow response on some of my work stations?

Check the amount of memory on the work stations that are running slow. Most people are now heavily multi-tasking which is fine, however that uses a lot of resources. CDA also uses a lot of resources to cache open pages allowing for quicker display time. By adding more memory to your work stations that are heavily used will greatly enhance that computers performance. Another cause could be the network speed or interface cards. Some low end networks do not respond well with the type of Client-Server activity that is needed to run CDA.


Another possible cause for slow response could be your Anti-Virus software. Some AV software, such as Norton's, have an Auto Protect feature that remains resident checking all files that are being open on the computer. We recommend disabling this feature. You are still fully protected through email control and if you are on a broadband connection, you will have additional firewall protection as well.


To obtain maximum performance in extremely heavy installations, we recommend running CDA on a MS Terminal Server with Remote Desktop access.  This will remove the network traffic completely for local work stations and will also give you access into CDA from any remote computer having an internet connection.  CDA does not require any additional fees for this type of installation, However there are software and license costs required by Microsoft.  Proper installation and setup by a qualified MS technician is also required.


Under proper installation and configuration, the CDA Service Manager software will perform as expected. Please contact our Technical Support team if you need help to correct this problem.


Occasionally when I finish making changes to a work order, it doesn't seem to save. What can I be doing wrong?

Chances are, you're not doing anything wrong. When you first installed CDA, there was a support document included explaining how to properly set the registry keys on your server and work stations. These setting handle the concurrency control of the system allowing for data to be written directly to the database file rather than being cached into memory. Please check to be sure this procedure has been done correctly. Our support staff will be glad to assist your with this. Click the following link to view the Support document. Technical Support Release 02


I upgraded my work stations to the latest versions of Windows. How can I get my DOS version of CDA to work?

The DOS version of the CDA Service Manager does not support any windows operating system above Windows98! You will need to upgrade to our Windows version. Please Contact Us for the current upgrade specials


Do I need to purchase another license to operate CDA in another shop owned by me?

Although a single installation of the CDA Server can handle multiple locations via remote access such as Terminal Server, you will be required to enter a License Key to access each additional set up database for your additional operations. This will require a license for each one. With the additional license, you may also install a separate CDA Server for each if you would like to operate each one independently. You may however, install an unlimited number of work stations to each CDA Location Server at no additional charge. Please Contact Us for more information.


I often check your FTP site for new files.  Should I download all the files on this site?

NO. The CDA Ftp site was established to give you a way to download files needed to patch or upgrade your installation. You should only download the files that we instruct you to. When you receive files from our FTP, CDA automatically puts the file into your CDA data folder overwriting the existing files with the same name. You don't want to receive a file that was intended for another user running a different version. Please check with Technical Support before receiving files from the FTP.


When I try to connect to one of the EDI partners using the FTP method through CDA, I get an error saying "NAME NOT RESOLVED" and the processes is aborted. What should I do?

"NAME NOT RESOLVED" means your User Name and/or Password was not accepted by the server. Check your communications setup to be sure the information is correct. This information is case sensitive so be sure it is typed correctly. If the info is correct, you need to contact EDI partner and inform them that their server is not allowing your login. Also, if you are using the FTP method for any of the EDI processing companies, you must contact each one and have them set up an FTP account for you.


Recently, I find that I have to Re-Index my files a couple of time a day or some of the work stations can not find records. Could this be a problem with my server?

This sounds like a data corruption problem. There are several causes for data corruption. The most common is running CDA from a Windows ME workstation. CDA does not support Windows ME because of it's instability problems. If you have a Windows ME workstation anywhere in your network, you must disable it from running CDA or upgrade it. Another cause for this problem could be that you have the START IN properties of the CDA Icon set to a Windows Path instead of a Mapped Drive. For more reliable and stable data handling, we require your work stations to have a Mapped Drive to the server and reference that drive in the START IN properties of the CDA Icon. Please contact Tech support if you need help with this. Some other causes could be power surges, turning off the computer while CDA is performing a task with an open file, viruses, mixing CDA versions on work stations, etc.


The first approach to working with data corruption would be as follows . . .

1.  Make sure everyone is completely logged out of CDA.

2.  Make a current backup of your CDASERV folder on your server.

3.  Open CDA on one computer and select to RE-Build Database Structures from the Utility Menu.

4.  When the Re-Build is completed, Re-Index All Files from the Utility Menu.


Now, check for un-wanted index files as follows...


Index files should ONLY be located in your CDASERV folder on your server. When data base files become corrupt, it is possible that some index files were written to the local C:\CDAWIN folder if the RE-Index procedure was run from a workstation. Check each of your workstation's C:\CDAWIN folder for files having an .NTX extension. For CDA versions 8.5c and older, there should not be any files with an NTX extension so please remove any found. For CDA versions 8.5d and newer, there should only be two files and they are "JOBSLOG.NTX" and "JOBSDATE.NTX". Please remove any other files found with an NTX extension...


Finally, if you have History files, look in your History Default folder for files having an .NTX extension. There should be less than 10 all beginning with "HIS". Example: HISNAME.NTX

Be sure you have a Current and Valid Backup of your History Files before proceeding.


Remove any file with an .NTX extension that does not begin with "HIS"

If unwanted NTX files were found and removed, please run the re-indexing utility again.

If the problem still exists, contact our support team for assistance.


Why do all of my workstations print to the same printers even though I have set the printer assignment different for each one?

The printer assignments are controlled in a database named PRNDRV.DBF. This database should be located in each workstation's C:\CDAWIN folder and SHOULD NOT reside in the CDASERV folder on the server. If for some reason this file got installed in the CDASERV folder on your server, every workstation will be using the same database for their printer assignments making it impossible to set up the workstations independently. To correct this problem, remove the PRNDRV.DBF file from the CDASERV folder and reassign the printers on each workstation.


If for some reason you did not install the CDA Work Station in the default C:\CDAWIN folder or if you have installed multiple work stations on a Terminal Server using different folder names for each login account, please contact our technical support for instructions on adjusting the environment to support this.


The CDA Scheduler won't load from my Windows 98 work stations. Is this an installation problem?

No. The CDA Scheduler module requires WindowsXP or higher to run. You cannot use the Scheduler on a Windows 98 Operating System.


Can I design my own custom reports with CDA?

CDA has dozens of built-in reports that were carefully designed to handle all areas of the program.  You also have the ability to create custom export routines that will export selected data fields into other formats such as Excel.  These routines can be named, saved, and used with various criteria selections whenever needed.  This will give you an array of possible custom reporting options.  However, if you have the need to design your own, more advanced custom reports, there is a 3rd. Party product available called "Report Pro". This product is 100% compatible with CDA. You can find more information about Report Pro at the following link. 

Please note, you should not open the CDA LIVE data tables with a 3rd party product.  Always use a copy of the data files.  CDA will not be responsible for, or provide free support for any issues caused by 3rd party products.


Recently, when I run the "Assign Technicians to Work Orders" function, I am getting mixed tech's on the printed assignment sheet. Is this an indexing problem?

No. This is caused by a damaged report file. The file name is "WOASSN.DBF". This file can be downloaded from the CDA FTP site via the following instructions . . .


1.  Open the Communications Menu.

2.  Click on CDA FTP Site.

3.  Click on Connect.

4.  Scroll down the "Remote Files" list and locate WOASSIGN.DBF.

5.  Right click on the file and then click Receive.


This will replace the damaged file.  Re-indexing is not necessary.


How do I setup CDA to work with Microsoft Terminal Server?

The following Technical Support link will address the proper installation of CDA Service Manager workstation clients Version 8.7 or later using MS Terminal Server. The CDA Server software must be installed on the Terminal Server prior to installing the workstation software.


Technical Support Release 03


 This installation only supports CDA Service Manager version 8.7 or later. If you are using MS Terminal Server Client and an older version of CDA, you must upgrade. Please Contact Us for upgrade information.


If you need additional help setting up environment variables on your TS server, please consult your network administrator.


What can I do to improve the performance of CDA?

There are many things that can have an effect on performance. Some of the basic problems are work stations with insufficient memory to handle multi tasking. Most people often open multiple applications and have other software running in the background doing other tasks. This uses a lot of resources and requires fast computers with a lot of memory. Although we require a minimum of 512 meg, you should install as much as you can on each work station.


The CDA server computer shares the data files with all of the clients. Therefore network traffic can be extremely high with a lot of CDA work stations requesting data. The speed of your network cards, hubs, and other network related hardware is also very important.


Regular maintenance is also required to keep the performance maximized. Your CDA Data files should be re-indexed every day. We suggest setting up a scheduled task to handle this using the CDAINDEX.EXE file located in your server's CDASERV folder. It is also very important to make sure that all users are out of CDA while re-indexing. If CDA data files are open, the indexing will not complete. Our technical support team will be happy to help you set this up.


As time passes, your CDA data files are growing in size. Oversized data files will have an effect on performance as well. There are various methods provided in the CDA software to help you manage this. First, the work order file should be archived at the end of each fiscal year. This moves all of the PAID-IN-FULL work orders from the main data file into an archived data file. Once archived, the work orders can be located through the HISTORY menu. The archived records are only available to view. You will not be able to include these records in reports. However, you will be able to restore a record back to the active data file if needed.


Another file that should be purged or archived on a regular basis is the Purchase Order data file. There are selections in the Purchase Order menu to handle this. This procedure will only remove purchase orders that have been completely filled and no longer need to be in this file.


Also, the CDA Scheduler should be purged on a regular basis. After the scheduled day has passed, the system no longer needs to track the data. Old data will slow the Scheduler down quickly.  There is a setting under "System Settings" of the "Utility" menu that will allow you to set up a routine to automatically purge the Scheduler .


If you have a large service center with 15+  work stations we recommend moving to a Terminal Server using remote desktop work stations. This environment removes the excessive network traffic because all the processing is done on the server. With a powerful server and the proper configuration, you will not experience any performance issues.


The CDA Service Manager software is a very large and powerful data base management program developed to provide all the functionality to handle a demanding service business. Your hardware and network must be good enough to take advantage of all the CDA's capabilities.


How often should I re-index my CDA files?   Is there a way to set the system to re-index automatically?

You should re-index your data tables every day. 


You can create a Windows Scheduled Task on your server to run the CDAINDEX.EXE utility automatically every night. This file located in your CDASERV folder on your server. If you setup a task to re-index automatically after hours, it is important to be sure that all users are logged out of CDA when they leave at the end of the day. If any data files are open, they will not be re-indexed.  You can also setup a routine on your server to close all open files prior to running the re-indexing function.   When the CDAINDEX utility runs, it creates a log file named CDAINDEX.LOG also located in the CDASERV folder on your server. You can open this file with any text editor and see the results of every time the utility runs.


Please contact our  technical support team if you need assistance with this.


I have a scanner that is connected to another computer in the network that has been shared. I cannot get CDA to recognize this scanner.  Is there a separate set up for this?

CDA doesn't know where scanners are or how they're connected, it just enumerates the TWAIN drivers it finds on the local computer. To make any scanner appear in the TWAIN device list, there has to be a locally installed TWAIN driver for that scanner. Most network scanners have a remote TWAIN driver that you can install on a client PC. For example, Canon has a driver called Network ScanGear that works with their ImageRunner models. Xerox, Fujitsu, Ricoh also has something like this. There are also 3rd Party products available that makes any TWAIN scanner sharable across a network. Search the web for "Remote Scanning Software".


I am having a problem with the CDA Scanning Module. I receive the error message "File Open Failed (Invalid path or name, or access denied)" when scanning a document in to CDA. This happens only when I scan multiple documents. The initial document will scan without a problem. How do I resolve this error?

This error can be caused by your Anti-Virus Auto Protect features such as those from Symantec Antivirus.
(Auto Protect provides constant scanning of files as they are accessed or modified). To prevent the error, Auto Protect needs to be disabled or modified to ignore PDF files on the computer where the CDA server files reside.


When I scan a barcode, I have to press the Enter or Tab key to get the system to process the scan. Why doesn't the system process the scan automatically?

Your barcode scanner must be programmed to issue the "TAB" character after each scan. Programming instructions should be included in your products manual. You can also contact your products technical support team for additional help.


I have some work stations running MS Vista. Will this have an effect on the CDA program?

Support for MS Vista was included in CDA starting with version 8.7. If you are running any Vista workstations with a CDA version lower than 8.7 you must upgrade. Lock-ups and possible data corruption can occur when running older CDA versions on a Vista workstation.


Since I upgraded my CDA installation, I have had some problems with data corruption.  What should I look for to correct this?

We have found the most popular cause for this problem is running mixed version of CDA throughout your network. It is very important that after you upgrade your server, you must upgrade all of your work stations including your Terminal Server if you are using remote access clients. Accessing a CDA server with an older version workstation can cause many problems. Also, CDA version 8.7 and higher no longer supports Windows 98. You must upgrade your Windows 98 computers to XP or later.


How do I setup CDA to handle The Encompass Parts Group?

Instructions for setting up can be found here:  Encompass Parts Group Setup


Why are my Sharp claims being rejected from Service Bench?

It appears that the standard I420 EIA code will not work with Service Bench. You will need to make some changes. Please follow these instructions...


First, change the code in the MFG table:

  1. Click on the MFG menu and then click on Edit MFG EIA Database and then Locate By EIA Code.
  2. Enter I420 and click EDIT.
  3. Change the code to SHRP and click OK.

Next, Re-assign the existing Sharp assignment in the EDI Processor Setup.

  1. Click on the Communications menu and then click on EDI Processor Setup.
  2. Locate your Sharp assignment and delete it.
  3. Click the ADD button.
  4. Click on ADD New MFG and select your Sharp Code.
  5. In the Service Bench box, click on Account #1.
  6. Scroll through the list of Manufacturers and select Sharp.
  7. Click CREATE. This will create a new link for the Sharp code.
  8. Close the EDI Processor window.
Finally, resubmit the claims to Sharp.

Locate the Work Order for each Sharp claim. Go into the Billing Window and click the Re-Submit button.

You can not resubmit the claims to Service Bench.

Please contact our technical support team if you need assistance with this.


I am having problems receiving dispatches from Service Bench through the CDA Scheduler. I get an error saying that the Dispatch File may be too Large. How do I correct this?

CDA has a limitation to the size of an XML file that can be received. If you don't pickup and Accept the dispatches from Service Bench on a frequent schedule throughout the day, the XML file can grow beyond the size allowed by CDA. To correct this, follow these steps..

  1. When you click on the Satellite Icon for Service Bench, select All Dispatches Including Previously Received. Then select a date range for only one day. Repeat this process for each day you need to receive dispatches.   This will limit the number of dispatches for each request so the file will not be too large to be received by CDA. If this doesnĄ¯t work, proceed to the next steps.
  2. Pick up and Accept all your pending dispatches manually from the Service Bench web site and enter them into CDA.
  3. Next, you will need to contact Aparna Patel from Service Bench ( and tell her that you are using CDA and you need all of your dispatches flagged as DOWNLOADED. This will release them and will not include them in the next request made by CDA
  4. To prevent this, you will need to pick up and Accept your dispatches through CDA more frequently so the file will not become too large to be received.

 CDA has developed a Real-Time interface with Service Bench that will eliminate this from happening. The Real-Time interface will automatically pickup and process your dispatches directly into CDA every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day without user intervention. Work orders are automatically created and the dispatch is entered directly into the CDA Scheduler. Service Bench will also have real-time visibility into your CDA Scheduler. Any changes to the CDA Scheduler for zones, zip codes, routes, etc. are updated to Service Bench in real-time. Status changes to work orders are updated to Service Bench in real-time as well.This is an optional module. If you would like to order it please contact CDA Sales at (800) 451-0137. The cost for this interface is $400.00.


Why do I sometimes get a "Dynamic Memory" error when sending emails?

When sending emails having attachments from within CDA, there is a file size limit of 2 meg for each file.  Exceeding this file size limit will cause the process to error out.  This includes sending notification emails and selecting to include the tech's id picture.  You must be sure the size of the picture does not exceed 2 meg.


How can I be sure that I'm sending Service Bench (NEW) the correct start and stop dates when I submit claims?

The following link will explain which CDA fields are sent when claims are submitted to Service Bench.  NEWDates.pdf






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