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Completely re-designed and Cloud Based.  All New Dispatch Scheduler Dashboard.   Introducing Pidgins, a full featured suite of customer communication functions.
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  • Status and Notifications Interface: These new interface modules will not only provide real-time email status updates to your customers, but will also send email or telephone notifications for upcoming service appointments. Our optional IVR service is fully customizable and will automate calling customers using an interactive telephone contact. The customers have the ability to confirm, cancel, or reschedule appointments just by pressing a button on their telephone keypad. They even have the ability to be transferred to a live person if it is necessary. Results are updated in your software in real-time and various alert messages are available. Now, a large percentage of your appointments will be confirmed without any manual effort on your part. When appointment notifications are sent via email, you also have the option to include a picture of the technician that will be arriving at their home.


  • Document Scanning: This new module will give you the ability to scan and save documents directly into work orders. You will be able to scan as many documents as needed. Each will be converted and appended to a PDF file. When you select to view your scanned documents, CDA will launch Acrobat Reader and display all documents as thumbnails. You can also scan original parts invoices and attach them to the Vendor's Invoice record. You also have the ability to simply attach any other type of file to a work order including photos, word or excel documents, graphics, text files, etc. All can be opened with a simple click of the mouse.


  • Parts Tracking: This is a very detailed and comprehensive system that will provide bar code labels to track every part. Parts are linked directly to vendor invoices for exact pricing and status information. One quick scan will tell you everything you need to know about any part. View a history of every time a part is scanned. Each history entry is stamped with the date and user's name. Tracking reports will provide detailed information on RMA status for part and core tracking. The system can also determine the amount of time left for each part to comply with each vendor's return policies to help you resolve issues of returning parts on time.

  • Vendor Invoice Tracking:  CDA will track all Vendor's invoices for all items. Easily monitor returned parts and Cores. Complete tracking of RMA's, Payments, and Credits (including Adjustments). Various reports for tracking RMA's, Shipping Charges, Re-stocking Charges and more.

  • Real-Time Parts Search: Now, via a real-time interface with major parts vendors, you can display a comparison of parts pricing and availability on one screen in seconds. You also have the ability to place an order with the click of the mouse!

  • CDA Message Center:  A Complete Internal Messaging system that will allow you to send messages between employees from within the CDA Program. Attach a Work Order to a message for reference, display all messages that reference a particular work order, or even send yourself a reminder message. Messages can be flagged with priority levels such as LOW, HIGH, or URGENT. You are automatically notified of pending messages each time you login to CDA. User Profiles control the level of access for each user.

  • Real-Time Scheduling:  Our CDA Scheduler now provides a direct link into ServicePower, ServiceBench, and NSA to receive on-line dispatches directly from Manufacturers, Dealers and Customers. The system will automatically create the work orders, schedule the call in the calendar, and send you an email notification whenever new calls arrive.  All sub-status updates and availability is maintained in real-time.

  • Claims and Purchase Order Processing:  The CDA Service Manager has direct, on line, transmission capability into Service Bench, Service Power, Panasonic, Encompass Parts, Thompson, LG Zenith, Maytag, Samsung, Warrantech, Andrews Electronics, Union Electronics Dist., Cumberland Electronics,  B&D Enterprises, Shop Jimmy, and Herman Electronics for automatic claims and purchase order processing. Your warranty, 3rd party claims, and purchase orders will be transmitted, edited, and tracked.


    The system will automatically update your data files and provide reports to keep on top of their progress. Responses are received via fax or email for all transmissions.


    In addition, a real-time internet connection allows you to quickly search and compare parts directly from the inventory database of major parts distributors.  The results from all vendors are displayed in a browse window giving you information on availability, price (including core prices), available replacement or substitute parts and ETA.  You can then order the parts with a click of the mouse.  CDA will create the P.O. and send it to the selected vendor.  The system then tracks the order until it is received.


  • Advanced Scheduling and Dispatching:  Independently control booking for up to four different types of service groups such as Electronics, Appliances, Satellite Installations, Big Screens, etc. You define the groups and create custom routes for all of your zip codes. Set up the number of slots available for each route and the system will control the rest. User profiles will determine the level of access and ability to re-schedule, over-book, etc. You can simply enter a zip code and the system will display all of the available routes for the next two weeks.


    Now, through direct internet interfaces with ServiceBench, NSA, Service Power, and LG, the CDA Service Manager system is able to automatically receive, process, and update dispatches placed directly by manufacturers, 3rd party dealers or customers. Your available zip codes and time slots are automatically updated.


  • Email and Text Notifications:  Easily send email's to customers, manufacturers, dealers, and vendors. CDA will automatically format and send various notification letters, notices, and even custom emails with the click of the mouse. Records are date stamped and commented with information regarding your email. Invoices are converted to a PDF format and automatically attached to a customers email.


  • Custom Data Export Functions:  Create an unlimited number of data export routines to extract selected data into popular file formats that can be used to import into your accounting software such as Quick Books, Peachtree, etc. Once created, the formats are named and saved and can be executed quickly any time with just a few mouse clicks.


  • Automatic Customer Search with Red Flag Alerts:  When adding a new record, the system will check the database for a previous record for the customer being added. If one exists, all of the customer's information will be transferred to the new work order. The system will also search archived records.


    Our new Red Tag Alert system will allow you to flag customer records with with messages that will be presented to you when you create a new work order for the customer.  You will then be able to see the important alert messages that have been attached to the customer before your new work order is created.


  • Custom Search Engine  A Custom Search window will allow you to create your own data search criteria that will provide results in a standard browse window.  You will then have options to print the data list, display and edit work orders, print or email work orders as well as add or delete work orders.  In additions, you can export the results to a CSV (Excel) file.  This will give you the ability to open the data in an Excel spreadsheet. 


  • Serial Number Check:  Upon entering a serial number on the Work Order input screen, the system will immediately check the database for previous repairs and inform you of the last date that unit was serviced. You also have the option to display a history of each time the serial number was service.


  • Built-In National Zip Code Database:  When entering a zip code, the system will automatically retrieve the City, State, and County from a National Zip Code database. You can set up a sales tax rate to be used for each zip code. Therefore, if you service zip codes that use different sales tax rates, the system will automatically calculate the correct sales tax.


  • Parts Cross Reference:  The CDA Service Manager system has a unique way of cross-referencing parts. When you add parts into the Inventory database, you can assign a generic number to each part number. When you request a cross-reference lookup, the system will display every part in your inventory that uses the same generic number. You can see at a glance each replacement part along with it's cost and retail amounts.


    This method allows you to use your entire inventory as replacement parts for other part numbers searched. You can also assign an unlimited number of replacement part numbers that can be used for a selected stock number. This procedure will give you the ability to assign a manufacturer's part number to an invoice and update the inventory with the actual stock number used.


  • Models Database:  A separate database file will track model numbers and allow you to assign C.O.D., Warranty and 3rd Party labor rates for each. The system will automatically retrieve the correct rate upon request. This file will also track the length of warranty for each model and alert the user the warranty status of each repair.


    You can also scan or attach pictures or other file types to each model record.  These attachments are easily available for viewing, printing, or emailing from within the work order window.


  • Service Literature Database:  This file will allow you to track your service literature and cross reference manual numbers with SAM'S and Microfiche. The Work Order entry screen provides instant look-ups. Service literature information is printed on the work orders to assist the technicians. This file will also provide a method of assigning the literature to technicians.


  • Batch Billing and Payments:  All Warranty and 3rd Party Claims can be billed and printed as a batch. The system will automatically select all work orders that are ready for billing for any giving period of time. There is also a feature to print a report on all UN-BILLED claims. This is a full proof way to be certain all claims are being billed on time and none are missed.


    When it comes time to apply payments, CDA makes the process simple and quick. Display all claims for all open accounts in a browse window and simply mark which ones you want to pay. The system will automatically update all associated files with a touch of a key.

  • Technician Commissions:  CDA also has the ability of assigning commissions for an unlimited number of technicians to each work order. Commissions can be applied automatically by creating a profile for each employee or can be applied manually to each work order. A Technician's Commission report is also available to display the commissions assigned to each tech for any period of time. Also, various browse methods will let you look at commissions in different sort orders.


  • Unit Status History: Each time a change is made to a repair that will reflect the current status, CDA will automatically create an entry in the Unit Status window. This entry will be date stamped so you can tell at a glance each stage of the repair from start to finish.


  • EIA Complaint and Service Codes: The system comes equipped with all the EIA complaint and service codes built in. You also have the ability to edit, delete or add additional codes as needed. Look-up and selection windows are available on the work order input screen upon request.


  • Warranty Validations: When marking a warranty repair completed, the system will validate all required fields and will alert you of any fields missing. This feature alone will save many unnecessary rejections.


  • Fully Integrated Inventory and Purchase Order Control: When entering parts on the work order input screen, CDA will link directly into the Inventory and Purchase Order files for automatic updating and validations. If a part entered is not in inventory or the quantity entered is larger than the quantity available, you are alerted and given the opportunity to assign the part to a purchase order. The system will automatically use an open P.O. for the vendor selected, or will create a new one. Purchase orders can be closed and batch printed at any time.


    The Purchase order menu will allow for full control and tracking of open P.O.'s including browse screens. When parts are received, the system automatically updates all related files. A full-featured menu will provide reports and information to completely control your inventory.


    CDA can also track parts and purchase orders for a Master Inventory and up to 10 additional remote inventory locations. This is ideal if you have multiple locations for which you access parts from or even truck stock.


  • Reports: CDA provides a complete array of reports to cover every aspect of your business.  Custom export routines are also available allowing you to export data into various formats making it very easy to move data between applications. 


  • User Profiles: The CDA Service Manager system has a unique security access system built-in. You will be able to set-up user profiles for each user and assign separate user names and passwords. Each profile can be customized allowing you to grant or deny access for over 145 areas of the program. User files are hidden and encrypted for security. 




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