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Completely re-designed and Cloud Based.  All New Dispatch Scheduler Dashboard.   Introducing Pidgins, a full featured suite of customer communication functions.
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MobilCDA is a true mobile, web based application that will support most mobile operating systems and will give your road technicians full control of all their jobs without the need to access your CDA server.  All jobs for any day are always at your fingertips.  All edits made by technicians, including adding or ordering parts, are automatically posted to the jobs on your server.  Inventory control, including tackable parts, is maintained as well.  Also, any changes made on the desktop side are synchronized to the mobile dervices.


A dashboard is provided in CDA giving you the ability to monitor activity for all technicians throughout the day.  When the tech arrives or departs a job, a checkbox is available for him to post his time back to your server.  If the job was dispatched from Service Bench, these times will post to their site in real-time as well.  You will also be able to send messages between the shop and the techs via the dashboard.  This real-time monitoring of your technicians progress will give you the ability to quickly follow-up on request to order parts, reschedule jobs, contact customers, close out tickets, etc.


The need for taking pictures is becoming a standard routine for technicians and the time required to process, send, and attach these files to work orders has become an added expense for all service centers.  Now, with MobileCDA, you can put that job and all the expense behind you.  It's as easy as snapping the photo and pressing the send button.  MobileCDA will process the file and attach it directly to your work order on your CDA server.  It doesn't get any easer than that!


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