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November 2019
What’s New With CDA This Month?
Feature Releases PSA
What a fantastic time we had at this year's 2019 PSA. We were able to release 11 major features for CDA Software v.10 this fall. Here's a rundown of what we worked on this summer and just released. 

  • Text Survey
  • RTI Dispatch.me
  • Advanced Routing 
  • Mobile GPS Tracking  
  • Cancellation List/Queue
  • Desktop/Mobile Credit Card Processing  
  • CDA Pidgins Displays Claim Information
  • Automated Tax Calculation (down to roof-top level)
  • Encompass Parts intergration
  • TCH "On My Way" notification now calculates
    traffic and distance to the customer for arrival time
  • RTI Encompass, allowing for the following functions:
          - Parts Model Lookup
          - Model to Parts w/Full Picture Preview
          - 1-Click Parts Ordering
          - Service Manuals
          - Exploded View
          - Purchase Order Tracking
          - Invoice Lookup
          - Real-Time RMA

As usual we're not stopping! We have another handful of major features we're still working on which we plan to release as quickly as possible, along with lots of improvements to allow you to process and complete jobs quicker than ever. 

And finally, we're working assiduously to allow you to process Claims in your departments by utilizing as much automation as possible. We have plenty of great new features which will automate how Claims work their way throughout their life-cycle. Stay tuned!
GPS Tracking
Since the release of CDA Software v.10 last year, we have heard from lots of service centers of all sizes, complain to us about the high cost of managing GPS vehicle tracking. So we decided to do something about it. 

This fall we released GPS tracking for both iOS & Android platforms. And how it works is as simple as opening the CDA Mobile App (no hardware required). 

To see the location of your technicians at any time, you just need to look at the CDA Scheduler Dashboard and click the button called "GPS Tracking." From there, your technicians will appear on the map at their current location. 

There is one mandatory requirement that you and your technicians must be aware of which is to make sure that the device you have CDA Mobile installed on has allowed the CDA Mobile App to track the location of the device as "always." 

We have written up very straightforward documentation to follow HERE.

Auto-Tax Calculation
As more and more service centers look to automate processes and reduce the cost associated with processing and billing Claims, it has occurred to us that we need to do more for our customers to keep those costs as low as possible.

Not only is cost reduction important, but getting the correct tax rate is also a part of the puzzle in reducing costly tax errors..

For these reasons and many more, we now have the ability to automatically capture the real-time tax rate for Claims as they appear in CDA. The days of managing a zip code lookup table for tax rates is now a thing of the past. The days of paying your employees to use Google to find out the correct complicated tax rate for a Claim is also now a thing of the past.

How does it work? CDA Magic.

Now when a Claim is created, we auto-populate the real-time tax rate. This is done at the "address level" (sometimes referred to as the "rooftop zip code".) Tax rates are not entered at the zip code level, which is a common strategy for some service centers.

If you live in the state of Texas, this is a huge relief. Texas for example can have two tax rates for two properties that are next to one another. This is just one example of why address level tax rates are so important for businesses to capture the correct tax rate.

Lastly, if the address is entered incorrectly, we will default to zip code and enter in the zip code tax rate automatically.
Cancellation List / Queue
Many companies struggle to implement a cancellation list that is effective from the customer service perspective, as well as being effective within the routing/scheduling department.

Blending these two critical areas along with keeping the customer updated in real-time as well as assuring them they are on a "real" cancellation list seems like a daunting task for most, which is why most service centers resort to a paper cancellation list.

CDA can do better than this, and we have!

How it works is pure brilliance for both your CSR department and your Routing/Scheduling department — all the while updating your customer with real-time text message updates. 

Key Highlights.
  - Two types of cancellation list, "specific date" or "next available."
  - Customers receive a confirmation TXT when put on the cancellation list.
  - CSR simply does "click-click" to put the cx on the cancellation list.
  - 1-Click for your Scheduling Department to work with the cancellation list.
  - Customers receive a confirmation TXT when being put on an earlier date.

Getting started video can be viewed HERE. 
As you can see we've been busy this month. 

Please feel free to forward this newsletter to someone else so they can learn about all the exciting features we have. 

Have a great rest of your work week!
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