December 2020
What’s New With CDA This Month?
Mobile Guided Workflow
The latest release of Mobile CDA Software includes the much-anticipated feature known as "Mobile Guided Workflow." What is the mobile guided workflow and what benefits will it bring to your company? Let's see.

Now when a technician is finishing up a Claim, they will be presented with three options, and that they must select one to continue processing the Claim. No matter which option is selected, that is selected that Claim will end up in the correct In-House Sub-Status (zero technician training needed). This is going to be a huge win for your company!

We recommend that both desktop and mobile employees watch the provided videos so they can learn all they need to know for quick implementation. We're confident everyone in your company will be up and running with this feature in less than an hour. Below is all you need to know to get started. Enjoy 😊

Highlights of Guided Workflow v.1 

Technician Is Presented With 3 Options To Finish Repair
  • Was the Job Complete?
  • Was the Job In-Complete?
  • Was the Job a Reschedule? 

Each Repair Option Will Be automatically assigned A Sub-Status
  • "Complete" it is auto-assigned your unique Sub-Status. 
  • "In-Complete" it is auto-assigned your unique Sub-Status. 
  • "Reschedule" it is auto-assigned your unique Sub-Status. 

Pictures & Signed Invoices Are Smartly Labeled In Attachments
  • "Complete", the PDF is appended with the file name "COM_Invoice"
  • "In-Complete", the PDF is appended w/filename  "INCOM_Invoice"
  • PIC of Model/Serial, the file name is appended w/ "MODEL_SERIAL"
  • PIC of Not At Home, the file name is appended with "CX_NOT_AT_HOME."

Parts Handling Is Taken Care Of During Guided Workflow
  • TCH must review all Parts and assign them the correct usage designation while in the guided workflow for both "Completed" and "In-Complete" jobs. 

Assistance To Guide The Technician
  • In-Complete, TCH must still capture the Printed Name and Signature of CX.
  • Re-Schedule, TCH must document why it's a reschedule & take picture of "Not at Home" postcard left at the doorway if apropriate.

Administrator Desktop Mobile Preferences
  • Administrator Desktop Mobile Preferences for Guided Workflow v.1.
  • Mobile Guided Workflow can be enabled or disabled system-wide.
  • Ability to enabled or disabled if a TCH must take final payment of COD.
  • Ability to hide unnecessary options during the guided workflow process.
  • Ability to enabled or disabled whether a TCH must type in "Repair Notes."
  • Ability to enabled or disabled whether a TCH must take PIC of the model/serial tag each trip. 
  • Ability to enabled or disabled whether a TCH must take PIC of "Not at Home CX visit."

[Training Center]
Learn More About Guided Workflow v.1 WEBPAGE HERE

Getting Started VIDEO HERE
Mobile Tech Training VIDEO HERE.

[White Paper]
Guided Workflow v.1 - PDF HERE. 

Digital Badge
As we continue to hear from Warranty companies, and 3rd Party Warranty companies, the chatter they all echo is the ability to send "their" customers a digital badge of the technician they can expect to show up at their doorsteps. 

CDA Software absolutely agrees that your customers should receive a digital company badge of the technician that is coming to their home to perform a repair. 

Enabling and implementing technician digital badges has never been so simple to deploy. It only takes about 1-2 minutes to deploy this feature. Let's take a look at all you need to know.

What you need to know
  • Pro & Enterprise customers only.
  • Enable Digital Badge at the company level.
  • Each Technician can be assigned to the usage of a digital badge or not. 
  • If a Technician does not have a picture in their employee profile a digital badge will not be sent.
  • Digital badges are automatically sent while in the Scheduling Dashboard.
  • The Digital Badge will provide
    • Technician's name
    • Scheduled date of repair
    • Company's Name
    • Company's phone number

Getting Started VIDEO HERE.  
Two-Factor Authentication
As companies become more and more concerned about the security of their data; many companies have decided to implement Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). 

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) can be used to help protect your account from unauthorized access by requiring an employee to enter an additional code when signing into the CDA Software Desktop application. 

The Two-Factor Authentication feature currently supports the use of a text message sent to a mobile device or an email address authentication method.

Once you’ve opted into Two-Factor Authentication, you will be asked to enter the code from your preferred two-factor authentication method, then you will be signed in to your account.  

What you need to know
  • Enterprise customers only.
  • Employees will need to enter a secondary code to access your data.
  • Implementation is for Desktop clients only. 
  • Secondary code is sent to mobile phone or email, or both.
  • Implementation takes about a minute.
  • There is no additional fee to use this service. 

Getting Started VIDEO HERE.  
Blog Post

As we continue to hear many of our customers’ pain points, we have fine-tuned our blog to address not only these types of concerns but also issues that the industry faces as a whole.

Many of the customer related issues that are preventing first-time completes, can be resolved by using CDA Software. These blog posts can be used as a tool for you and your company to creatively enact processes that will allow for more first-time completes.

Your Customer’s Depend More & More On Their Mobile Phone!

Stay ahead of your customers, engage them TXT first.
   Read Blog Post HERE

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