July 2020
What’s New With CDA This Month?
CDA Enterprise
More and more of our customers have been upgrading to CDA Enterprise than ever before. Why you might be asking? The simple answer is a reduction in Labor Cost, as well as enhanced automation for improved Customer satisfaction. 

If your company has more than eight technicians then you do not want to miss out upgrading to CDA Enterprise. 

"A Few" Highlights of CDA Enterprise 

3rd Party Pre-Authorization Validator
  •      Parts can't be ordered until pre-auth is approved
  •      Alert to Parts person when parts being ordered are over pre-auth
  •     The intuitive validator will use a preset labor amount when validating a job prior to actual labor cost.

Comprehensive Parts Request Dashboard
  •  Reduction in Parts ordering labor cost due to centralized Parts
    ordering dashboard.  
  •  All Parts requests from desktop & mobile are centralized
    for quick one-step ordering.  
  •  One-Click of a Part will show availability in “Remote
  •  Order all your Parts from a vendor with 1-Click.  
  •  Ability to view the real-time status of Part(s) being
    ordered for remote Technicians - Know exactly when the technician “received”
    the Part or if the Part(s) is in “transit.”   
  •  After Parts are allocated, Parts are then added to that
    location's “Pick List” for further processing.   

Comprehensive Parts List Picker
  •  Every remote location has the ability to control a Parts “Pick
    List” for fulling a request.   
  •  Quickly get a PDF 8.5 x 11 printout, so employees can walk
    around the warehouse to pick Parts.  
  •  Efficiently process each Part by scanning the Part label (UPC
    / QC coding scanning).  
  •  If the technician is a remote tech for “drop-ship,” the system
    will generate a label to be printed for Part shipping. Otherwise, the Part will
    be flagged as “Hold for Pickup.”   
  •  The technician is required to scan “only” each Part as they are
    received (no manual input).   
  •  At a glance, view of when the technician received the Part(s)
    or is still waiting for Part (in transit).  

Remote Technician Support
  • Remote inventory management allows warehouses to assign and ship parts direct to technicians
  • Parts shipped from primary warehouse to technician are scannable with a QR code to verify the tech has received the part. 
  • Easily manage remote technicians that are based outside of HQ or do not have access to a dedicated parts warehouse
  • All parts have a label (and QR code), which allows for tracking of when the part is shipped, in transit, delivered, received by the technician, and the status of the part on a job if it is Installed, Defective, or GBTS
  • The technician has the ability to request parts to be ordered right from his mobile application. These go directly to the Parts Request Dashboard to be sourced from internal warehouses that have existing stock or to be ordered from a distributor

Contact us today to learn more about our full list of features. 

Parts Request Dashboard Getting started video can be viewed HERE. 

[White Paper]
Parts Request Dashboard - PDF HERE.  
Parts Pick List - PDF HERE.  

Within the coming weeks, CDA Software will be upgrading all of our customers (Free of charge) to RTI Webjobs. What is RTI and what is Webjobs? Continue reading to learn more.

RTI stands for Real-Time Integration. RTI is used with Service Power & Service Bench, as well as many more providers that we support. Having RTI integration allows dispatches to automatically populate into CDA. RTI also allows important information to be communicated back to providers so they don't have to phone you for updates. These are just a few examples of what RTI does.

Currently, in order for RTI to function correctly, your company must run an application(s) within your organization to send/receive information from RTI providers. Moving forward this function will now be hosted in the CDA Cloud infrastructure. 

What you can expect in the coming weeks and months? Soon a representative from CDA Software will contact you to migrate you from an onsite RTI service to a cloud-hosted RTI service. 

A popular question asked is "how long will this migration take?" We will only need about 2-5 minutes of your time to configure and complete the migration process.

Blog Post

As we continue to hear many of our customers’ pain points, we have fine-tuned our blog to address not only these types of concerns but also issues that the industry faces as a whole.

Many of the customer related issues that are preventing first-time completes, can be resolved by using CDA Software. These blog posts can be used as a tool for you and your company to creatively enact processes that will allow for more first-time completes.

Our recent blog post speaks to the topic of how do you communicate with your customers when your business is closed? 

Is there a better option and a more modern approach to communicate with your customers when your business is closed? There is. This blog post will take a look at what used to be reasonable, and what the new normal is that your customers are expecting you to offer them when they need to reach you, even if your business is closed.

How Do You Communicate With Your Customers When Your
Business Is Closed? 

Are your customers leaving you a VM (voice message) when you’re closed? Is there a better way? There is!   Read Blog Post HERE

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