May 2020
What’s New With CDA This Month?
As we approach the month of May, the country and our industry are still dealing with the effects of the COVID-19 virus. As many of us have adjusted to this new way of restrictive living; there are many hurdles individuals and companies are facing daily.

One area where we have seen great information being made available to our industry is from the United Appliance Servicers Association Their Blog post continues to be a great resource for how companies can best approach the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The UASA Blog can be found here:

A list of basic protocols for in-home service
  •  Verify that no one in your customer's home has COVID-19 symptoms prior to scheduling appliance repair appointments.
  •  Ask technicians and customers to follow CDC recommendations regarding social distancing. Ensure technicians maintain a minimum of 6 feet distance from customers.
  • Ask customers to isolate vulnerable residents, including children & elderly, in a separate room during the service appointment.
  •  Ask customers to provide a clean sink with warm water and soap for technicians to wash their hands.
  •  Wipe down all surfaces with disinfectant when supplies are available.
  •  Avoid leave-behinds at this time. Share receipts with customers via email. Collect payment via credit card (don't accept checks or cash at this time).

Most importantly, be safe!

Inventory Parts Labeling
The CDA Software Inventory system is in a class by itself. Our Inventory system continues to be refined even after 40 years of continuous development.  

What's next for 2020? The introduction of a QR code implementation for our Inventory Label Tracking system. 

What are the benefits of using the QR code, and why did we introduce it?

The biggest benefit you'll see for using the QR to scan inventory parts is with your Mobile Technicians. Today, the CDA Mobile Application can scan and process QR codes when printed from CDA to generate an inventory tracking label. 

Overall Benefits Of Using The CDA Inventory Tracking System
  •  Each Part is uniquely given its own tracking number.
  •  Core values are clearly marked so they can be quickly identified.
  •  Cores with no value, but still need the core returned are clearly marked.
  •  Quickly know at first glance at what location your part is located (CDA supports multiple inventory locations).
  • 10 pieces of information are displayed on every tracking label.
  •  Reduce overall parts inventory loss once you start using the CDA inventory label system.

[White Paper]
Getting started White Paper can be viewed HERE.
In-House Sub-Status
The CDA In-House Sub-Status feature is the difference between a marginal ROI on a per Claim basis and a respectable ROI on a per Claim basis.

What do we mean by this? The CDA In-House Sub-Status feature was designed to reduce labor cost, and increase customer satisfaction. How is this achieved?

If you're using Service Bench, Service Power, NSA and to receive automated Claims into your systems, then your customers can be sent an automated TXT message that their Claim is in your System from the moment it arrives.

If you're attempting to go paperless, then the CDA In-House Sub-Status is the feature for you and your company. Each time a Claim state changes, you assign it a unique In-House Sub-Status. This in effect allows you to track where all your Claims are assigned at a department level.

If you're using your staff to keep your customers updated when a Claim status changes or when you need more information for a particular Claim, the CDA In-House Sub-Status can automate this request by sending a TXT message directly to your customer thus allowing you the ability to contact and update your customers without the usage of your personnel.

Lastly, if your customers are complaining that they are never kept in the loop on what the status of their Claim is, you can allow the In-House Sub-Status feature to offload this task that you might otherwise have assigned to an employee to handle.

Just a few highlights of features:
  • Automatically update customers via TXT when new tickets arrive in your system.
  • Keep your customers updated via TXT when a Claim status changes.
  • Mobile Technicians can access Sub-Status as well.
  • Full Claim "Life Cycle" management; every Claim is managed under a unique Sub-Status routine.
  • Reduction in inbound / outbound phone calls to and from your Call Center.

Getting started video can be viewed HERE.

Blog Post

As we continue to hear many of our customers’ pain points, we have fine-tuned our blog to address not only these types of concerns but also issues that the industry faces as a whole.

Many of the customer related issues that are preventing first-time completes, can be resolved by using CDA Software. These blog posts can be used as a tool for you and your company to creatively enact processes that will allow for more first-time completes.

One recent blog post speaks to the topic of how can a company keep its customers updated with timely information without the expense of hiring more labor? We have seen time and time again how companies that embrace a TEXT first communication mechanism for their customers experience positive results overall.

Not only does the switch to a TEXT first approach allow for reviews of better customer satisfaction overall, but these same companies have seen a reduction in labor costs as they no longer have to handle the volume of phone calls they previously needed to address.

Looking To Keep Your Customers Satisfied?

The data shows, if you've attempted to contact your customers, TXT message is the preferred method. We agree!   Read Blog Post HERE

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