March 2021
What’s New With CDA This Month?
The CDA "Main" Tab - Employee Training
Many companies that hire administrative employees will more than likely have an onboarding process that includes CDA Software Training. It's safe to say most people who are not familiar with the service repair industry have probably never worked with CDA before joining your organization. 

When companies are ready to train an employee on how to use CDA properly for their company, they will typically have an employee sit with another seasoned employee, who will teach them how to use CDA in their setting.

We have listened carefully to the desires of companies who have expressed their desire to have new hire training videos demonstrating how to navigate the Main Tab within the CDA Software. We couldn't agree more, so we have created a 3 part series featuring how to use the CDA Main Tab.

Each video is broken down into the three main components of the Main Tab. They include:

  • Customer Information video training
  • Unit Information video training
  • Job Information & In-House Sub-Status video training

The best part of all is you can assign these videos to be watched at a date/time that works best for everyone in the company. Each video will explain what each section is used for, detail what each input field is used for, plus provide more explanations a list too long to describe in this newsletter.

We believe these videos will allow your new employees to quickly jump into CDA with a better understanding than ever before.

Getting Started VIDEO HERE. 

Mobile Commission Reporting
Prior to the release of CDA v.10 technicians had access to the Commission Reports. Using/running the report was simple, intuitive and most importantly is was reliable & accurate. 

The one request we keep being asked is when Mobile Commission Reporting will be available like it used to be on CDA Mobile v.9. Well, we're excited to announce that Mobile Commission Reporting is once again available for mobile technicians. As you'd expect, using the report is just like you remember it. It's simple to use, and the data can now be exported as a PDF for more portability. 

Highlight of Report

  • Works on both iOS & Android.
  • Pick a date range to run the report.
  • The Commission report is generated as a PDF for easy portability.
  • When the report is run, it can easily be exported from the device.
  • The Commission report run off of mobile devices is the same report that runs from the desktop application.

Getting Started VIDEO HERE.  
Trip Count
An age-old industry question, "how do I get accurate first-time complete information?" The answer isn't always that simple to calculate, given that there are many factors unique to each business regarding how they define a first-time complete. It is safe to say that you need accurate information reflecting how many times you are running jobs before getting completes on your job tickets.

CDA Software has designed "Trip Count" to give you accurate information on how long it takes to get first-time completes, as well as how long it takes to run a job to its completion. It also answers the question of how many trips it is taking in general to complete claims. Are you running repairs a fourth and fifth time just to complete a job? If so, you would undoubtedly want to know.

Trip Count is calculated when a Technician clicks the "Arrive" slider within the CDA Mobile App. When the technician clicks 'Arrive,' the trip count value will increase by one unit. All Claims are initially created start with a zero "0" trip count. Trip Count can also be increased by one unit when you select "Stamp Arrive" on a Claim while using the CDA Scheduler Dashboard.

Running reports for Trip Count is simpler than ever. You simply go to the Reports Menu > Work Order Reports > "Completed / Incomplete Jobs Report."  

Trip Count Report Information

  • Calculate information Yearly | Quarterly | Monthly | Weekly | Daily.
  • Review Trip Count percentages Company-wide & by an individual technician.
  • Review the number of days it takes to perform a complete job.
  • Review the number of trips you are performing overall at any given time.
  • Merge data from "Jobs Tally Report" to include "Recall" information.
  • Quickly compare how each technician is doing compare to the others.
  • A Training video is available on YouTube.

Getting Started VIDEO HERE.  
That's it for this month's Newsletter.

Have a great rest of your work week!

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