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Version 8.9 Upgrade

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Work Order Window:

Some cosmetic changes were made to the Work Order Edit Window. The Deposit section has been removed. Deposits are now handled through the new Payments section located in the Billing Window. Some fields have been re-arranged to accommodate the space that was made available. Also added new "RED FLAG ALERT" and "SERVICE HISTORY" buttons that will be explained below.

Here's a look at the new WO window..
Green push-pins replace the small green indicators to let you know data is available .
You will also notice that Icons are used throughout the program to make button selection easier and add a more modern look.


Red Flag Alert:

The Red Flag alert system will allow you to attach alerts to a customer. This alert will stay with the customer and will show on all jobs attached to them. The alerts are stamped with the Employee's name and date. The use of the Red Flag Alerts are also controlled with the user's profile. Only users with assigned permissions will be able to add new or edit existing alerts.

Here's a look at the Red Flag Alert window. . .


When entering a new work order, if the customer has an existing Red Flag Alert, the following window will be displayed. You will be able to view the alert and then determine if you want to proceed with adding a new job for the customer.


Service History:

This new feature will quickly display a browse window showing every job that was serviced for this customer. Unlike the Serial Number Search that only shows jobs serviced for a single unit, this will show every job for all products that you serviced for the customer. The search window will allow you to alter the search criteria so you can filter the search and narrow down the results displayed. Jobs displayed can be edited, printed, or even emailed.

When you first click on the Service History button you will see the following Search window. . .



Here's a look at a sample Service History results window. As you can see this customer has three service jobs each for different products.


Billing Window:

The Payments section of the Billing & Payments Window has been completely re-designed. You can now add an unlimited number of payments for each job. The system will handle each one independently for each method selected.


This is the new Payment Entry Window:


Completed Window:

We added drop down boxes for each of the Service Code fields. Originally, you were required to enter data into the field to trigger the dropdown. Now you have the option to select the dropdown for each.


Estimate & Totals Window:

In the Estimate and Totals Window, you'll find a new Custom Estimates button. This estimate form can be used to freely add descriptions and prices that will not reflect on the actual work order. This gives you the ability to correspond with the customer and pre-determine what the itemized cost will be before entering anything on the work order. The estimate can be printed or emailed directly to the customer and will remain attached to the work order.


This is the Custom Estimate window


Tech Routes Window:

The Tech Routes Window has been completely redesigned to interface directly with MobileCDA. All techs can be easily monitored throughout the day and, with the automated functions provided with the mobile app, jobs that need attention can be handled in real-time. 


Scanning & Attachments:

We added the ability to Scan or Attach an unlimited number of files to the MFG, Dealers, Vendors, and Models data records.  Files can easily be viewed, printed, or emailed.




Model Numbers:

Because of the increasing amount of literature being issued that pertains to specific model numbers, we gave you the ability to attach and scan documents to each model in the Models database. We also created a pro-active system to easily know which models have attachments available so they can be displayed with a click of the mouse from within the Work Order window.


When you enter a model # on the work order, if documents are available, an Attachment Icon will be displayed just to the right of the field. Just click on it to display the Model Attachments Window. This will show all the available attachments and scans for this model.


Custom Search Window:

You now have the ability to export your custom search results to a CSV (Excel) file.  This will give you even more flexibility for sorting and displaying your results.


Batch Payments:

Our new Batch Payments window was designed to streamline the task of applying payments to many invoices at one time. The system will list all open invoice for any selected account. You still have the ability to select and pay one invoice at a time if you prefer, but now you also have a choice to select and pay a batch of invoices with one click.


Dealer Equipment Owner:

A check box has been added to the Dealer's database that will tell the system that the dealer is always the owner of the equipment being serviced. When checked, the system will automatically insert all of the dealer's information into the Owner's Information window on the work order as soon as the Dealer Code is entered. This feature was added to assist the service companies who provide service for rental companies, landlords, or other companies who will always remain the owner of the equipment regardless of who the service is rendered to.


New Credit Memo Control:

To round off our Vendor Invoice Control engine, we integrated complete control for credit memos.  You now have the ability to apply the value of credit memos against the Vendor's account.  Through our new Batch Payments widow, you will be able to select open invoices to apply the memo's available balance to.  Partial use of credit memos will also be allowed.


Here's the new Credit Memo entry window. 


Completely New Vendor Batch Payments Process:

We have had many requests to help streamline the process of applying payments and credits to open vendor invoices.  Now, through our new Batch Payments window and combining the new Credit Memo control, the entire process can be handled quickly from within one very intuitive window. 

When you enter the Vendor's code, all of the open invoices and available credit memos for this account are displayed.  You can apply payments to invoices by check or credit and also have the option to partial pay if needed.  Simply select  your payment method and then select which invoices you want to apply the payment against.  All of the selected invoices can then be paid with a click of the mouse.  All data tables, including parts tracking, are updated as needed.  This method will give you the ability to use the first in - first out method when applying payments to your vendor's invoices.  Unused balances on credit memos are maintained by the system and will always be available to use on the vendor's account.


Here's a look at the new Vendor Batch Payment Window:


Pre-Configured Emails:

We have had many request to allow users to pre-configure emails that can be selected and sent to customers at various stages on a repair. Now, you have the ability to design six custom, pre-configured emails and use for what ever you like. You can give them descriptive names and you can also map them to a specific In-House Sub-Status. Then, when you select a Sub-Status on the work order that is mapped to an email, the email will automatically be sent to the customer. In addition, if you have the customer's cell phone number and Carrier entered on the work order, a SMS Text message will also be delivered.


This is the new Custom Email Setup Window:


Your Custom Email Names will be displayed in the Work Order's "Print Selection" window. If you did not select to automatically send your email by mapping it to a Sub-Status code, you will be able to quickly send it from this window.




New for MobileCDA:

Now, processing part requests from your MobileCDA techs has been completely automated.  Every part request received is entered into a data table that can be quickly displayed from the CDA tool bar.



The list is in chronological order so you can quickly tell when the request was received.  You just highlight the part that you want to process and click the ORDER NOW button.  The system will create the purchase order, update the work order, Inventory, and Tracking records automatically.  The process completely eliminates the manual procedure of opening each work order and processing the part order from within the Parts window




Employee Time Log:


You now have the ability to track your Employee's In and Out times.  This function interfaces with MobileCDA as well allowing your remote techs to sign in and out throughout the day.





Additional Program Enhancements:

  1. Increased the length of the Referral Description field.
  2. The telephone number search window will now search both the Phone and Cell Phone fields at the same time to find a match for the phone number entered.  This includes the Custom Search functions as well.
  3. The Tech-Routes window now displays columns for Arrived and Departed times for jobs. This also provides real-time updates into Service Bench to satisfy NEW'S requirements.
  4. New User Profiles
    • Complete Work Orders - Located in the Work Order Profiles section.
    • Edit Store/Dealer Records - Located in the Store/Dealer Profiles section.
    • Delete Scans and Attachments - Located in the Other Profiles section.
    • Add Red Tag Alerts - Located in the Work Order Profiles section.
    • Edit Red Tag Alerts - Located in the Work Order Profiles section.
    • Add or Change In-House Sub-Statuses - Located in the Work Order Profiles section.

      The new profiles will be set to ON for all users upon installation.

  5. Samsung is accepting SMS text messages to complete jobs on their web site. You will now be able take advantage of this function by entering the cell information in the MFG record.
  6. Added the ability to place a Stock Order from within the inventory record.
  7. Added "Owner's Information" to the 3rd Party Email Invoice and Estimate.
  8. Added "Part Reference #" and "Dispatch #" to the plain paper warranty invoice.
  9. Added option to report on "Store Billing Code" and option to "Export to CSV" to the "Units Received" report.
  10. Added selection to Include Invoices with a zero balance when Exporting Vendor Invoices to CSV.
  11. When Voiding a Work Order.  The system will now leave the customer's last name, however it will be preceded with "VOID" .  Example: SMITH will be changed to VOID - SMITH.  This will give you a way to look up voided records by last name and also display the voided records in a sorted order.


Bug Fixes:

  1. The system was allowing you to enter duplicate Vendor Codes.
  2. You will now be able to close out a parts tracking record for Cores that were returned with no Credit Due.


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