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December 2019
What’s New With CDA This Month?
RTI Importing - Text Updates
As many of you are already aware, In-House Sub Status is a game-changer for you and your organization when it comes to Claim life-cycle monitoring, along with real-time customer updates via text messaging. Most companies have reduced their outbound calls for claim status updates by >80%, as well as seeing a >60% reduction in customers calling for status updates.

Now, Customer updates have even gotten better. For companies that you receive a dispatch from via the CDA RTI system, you can now send those customers an automated text message, letting the customer know you have received their dispatch, along with any other message you want them to know about. 

This means, in real-time, when you get the dispatch in your system, your customers are also notified instantaneously via text message that you have their dispatch.

To set this up, all you have to do is create a new sub-status, and in the area called "CDA Job Statues" make sure you have it set to "RECEIVED DISPATCH FROM RTI." It's that simple. 

Getting started video can be viewed HERE. 
Credit Card Processing
CDA Software v.10 now supports credit card processing for both the Desktop & Mobile application. Using it is as straightforward as you'd imagine. With just a few input fields, you can successfully charge your customers for service performed or parts sold. 

All transaction information for both Desktop & Mobile are auto-inserted into the CDA Billing Tab > Payments section. All successful transactions also capture the "authorization number", so you can quickly search transactions on Stripe.com. 

The payment gateway we support is Stripe.
Stripe pricing can be found here: https://stripe.com/pricing
Stripe customers base can be found here: https://stripe.com/customers

Text Survey
As we mentioned in our previous Newsletter, CDA Software v.10 now has the option to send your customers a text message survey. For most companies, they utilize the text survey after a job has moved to a Sub Status that's flagged internally as "completed."

When the customers receive their survey, they are asked three quick questions--as a Thumbs-Up or Thumbs-Down rating system. 

  1.  Rate your Call Center.
  2.  Rate your Technician.
  3.  Rate the overall experience with your Company. 
  4.  A feedback text question is sent as well. 

We also include a 5-Star rating which asks the same questions as the Thumbs-Up Thumbs-Down survey. 

Getting started video can be viewed HERE.  

Blog Post
As we continue to hear many of our customer pain points, we have fine-toned our blog to address not only these types of concerns but also issues that the industry faces as a whole. 

Many of the customer related issues that are preventing first-time completes, can be resolved by using CDA Software. These blog posts can be used as a tool for you and your company to creatively enact processes that will allow for more first-time completes. 

One recent blog post speaks to the topic of emailing customers back-and-forth. We've all faced the challenges this form of communication presents in the ever-busy lives of many individuals we encounter daily.

The blog topic is:

Do Your Customers Like Back and Forth Emails?

        Your Customers’ Inboxes Are Full, and They’d Rather You Had A Text  Conversation With Them Instead Of An Email.

[Read Blog Post] 
What can be done when customers have full inboxes, or ignore
their Inbox, learn more by clicking HERE. 

That's it for this month's Newsletter. 

Please feel free to forward this newsletter to someone else so they can learn about all the exciting features we have. 

Have a great rest of your work week!
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