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Ways we work towards your success

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First Time Completes

Customers text a picture of their model/serial tag, along with a description of their issue.

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Parts Inventory Control

Our Inventory Control tells you in realtime where your parts are, and what parts are missing.

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Route Optimization

Automatically route all your technician zones with one simple click.

Better methods to run your business

Real-Time Integration

All dispatch information from Service Providers is updated to your CDA Claims, as well as CDA Claim updates being automatically updated back to the Service Providers.

  • Service Bench
  • Service Power
  • AHS (American Home Shield)
  • NSA
  • Encompass
  • Reliable Parts

Parts Tracking Label

Know where your parts are all the time. Our parts label provides 10 pieces of information...visible at first glance.

Customer Next Day Notifications

When you’re done scheduling the route for the next day, just one click and your customers are notified via TXT about their next day appointment; full details sent to them as well.

Inventory Control - Multiple Locations

Have multiple locations? Not a problem with CDA. We support multiple locations. We help you lower costs by preventing you from misplacing/losing parts.

Technician Route Optimization

Route optimization in just one click. No extra charge. Save fuel costs and labor costs with CDA route optimization.

GPS Technician Tracking

GPS tracking built into CDA Mobile app, for both iOS & Android. View all technicians via GPS while in the CDA Scheduling Dashboard.

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Why CDA Software?

• 40 years delivering software that works

• You own your data, where you go, it goes

• No yearly/monthly contracts (cancel anytime)

• One low price per agent login (no extra hidden fees)

• PDF model to manual lookup for mobile technicians

• Field technician can browse and pull parts from their truck stock inventory

• Scheduling Dashboard displays visual aid on 2-man jobs. We display
primary & secondary technician

Mobile Technician App, iOS & Android •

CDA desktop runs in the cloud; installs anywhere in the world •

Full remote workforce supported •

No crazy keyboard commands to remember •

1-Click “On My Way” text alert to customer giving •
real-time ETA (based upon traffic and tech location)

• Customers send you a picture of their model/serial tag

• Reductions in “Not At Home” incidents

• Parts tracking label contains 10 unique pieces of information

• Model to parts lookup, popular parts highlighted as well

• Automated tax calculation at the address level

• Both Desktop & Mobile support credit card processing

• 1-Click customer notification of next day scheduling for all technician routed calls.

Customers schedule online via txt •

Customer updates send automatically via txt •

Customer next day appt info sends automatically via txt •

Customer Survey sent when job is completed automatically via txt •

FREE model to parts lookup •

1-Click part ordering right within "model to parts" lookup •

Never schedule and run a call with a missing part. We alert •
you of missing parts on the schedule

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