Frequently Asked Questions


You do not. CDA Software v.10 runs in the cloud using Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Platform & Services.

You are not. You can cancel any time. You only pay for month-to-month service.

You do not. You just need a FREE account from Reliable Parts or Encompass account. Set-up your Reliable Parts account now. Set-up your Encompass account now.

Yes, we do. We process both Desktop and Mobile credit card transactions securely. We use Stripe as our payment gateway. See Stripe's pricing page for more information. See our White paper for more information.

Yes, we can. We auto-calculate taxes down to the address for all 50 States. See our White paper for more information.

Currently we do not have an auto-import (API) into QuickBooks.

Yes we do.

The CDA desktop application incorporates real-time interfaces with 3rd party companies such as Service Power, Service Bench, NSA, Dispatch Me, Encompass, etc. The costs to provide and maintain these services are incorporated in the Desktop License fees. In addition, CDA also offers free support and upgrades, of which the cost is also absorbed in the Desktop Licenses. Thus, the 5 user minimum is required to cover these expenses. Other companies will charge you extra for each service, as well as support and upgrades.

Coming soon.

Desktop App

All you need to know is your CompanyID, and your user name and password. Once you have that, go here to download the latest version of CDA.

Yes, you can. Install Parallels on your MacOS workstation.

Since CDA runs in the cloud, you just need to download the software, and it will automatically connect with your company profile. There are no special requirements. You can deploy your team all around the world, and as long as they have electricity and internet, they will be able to access CDA.

It does! Below is a list of a few features CDA Message Center offers.

  1. A built-in messaging platform that connects to all of your staff.
  2. Manage both personal and job-related messages.
  3. Available from within the work order to quickly see all the dialog entered between all of the employees related to that job.
  4. Ability to attach a work order so the recipient can gain quick access.
  5. Select recipients from an Employee dropdown or click a button to send to all.
  6. Flag messages as urgent.
  7. The CDA Message Center will alert you of new messages.
  8. Profile settings to customize the level of use for each employee and also allow supervisors to monitor dialog from all staff members.
  9. Job-related messages become a permanent part of the claim even if deleted from the personal inbox.

Yes we do.

Yes, we do. Model PDF manuals are available on the desktop application of CDA.

iOS & Android App

It does. We use Stripe as our processing agent. More details about Stripe can be found here:

It is. While your technician takes pictures, they are uploaded in realtime to that claim. While your techs take notes and make adjustments to the claim, all those edits are updated in real-time to claim for the front office to see.

It does. All techs will have access to unit manuals (Encompass account required). Set-up your FREE Encompass account now.

Coming Soon.

Yes, we do. See our White paper for more information.

Currently we do not. This feature is coming soon.

Coming Soon.

Coming Soon.

Coming soon you'll be able to phycially process a credit card automatically. We currently have no ETA on processing a customers check.

Route Scheduling

Yes we do!. Route optimization is done for each field technician you have. Not only do we give you optimization, but we also give you detailed information about the route. We give you the distance between calls, and how much distance is going to be traveled for the day.

Yes we do. When you schedule a call, and if all the parts are not checked in, we give you an alert so you can decide whether to run the call.

Yes we do. Whenever your technician looks at his schedule, if a job is a 2-Man job, there is an icon that informs the technician that the job is a 2-man job. The technician will also know if he’s a primary or secondary technician.

Advanced route optimization takes into account the time band (or time window) of the claim and will attempt to honor everyone's time preference.

To keep your schedule full, we have a cancellation queueing system for your routing manager to pull jobs from so your schedule always stays full. See our White paper for more information.

New Account Setup

Training normally takes a full week to complete. Training is broken up into small sections that are taught at your pace.

5 Agents

Just call us at: (800) 451-0137.
You can also TXT us at: (510) 422-0079

CDA Pidgins Text Messaging

Yes they can. There are several manual and automated ways you can send your customer a link in a text message so they can schedule their service call.

Yes they can. Pictures and Videos are a simple 1-click operation to save them into the claim as well.

Yes they are. When a customer sends a text message, it will also be updated into their claim as well; so you always have a written record of what the customer sent you.

Yes, on the desktop application we show you relevant information about a claim, so you don't have to open it within CDA to answer most customer text messages.

RTI Support (Realtime Interface)

We currently support:


* supports the following Home Warranty Companies:

  • 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty
  • American Home Shield
  • American Water Resources
  • First American Home Warranty
  • HomeServe
  • Home Warranty of America
  • Landmark
  • OneGuard
  • Pivotal Home Solutions
  • Select Home Warranty

* supports the following Appliance Manufacturers:

  • American Standard
  • Bryant
  • Carrier
  • Cove
  • Rheem
  • Ruud
  • Sub-Zero
  • Trane
  • Wolf

Parts / Inventory

Yes we do. We generate a parts bar code label for tracking. Each label generates its own unique bar code, that can be scanned with a hand-held scanner. Each part label contains the following information:

  • Claim number
  • Date label was generated
  • Tracking ID number
  • Invoice number
  • Part number
  • Vendor
  • Retail value
  • Core value and or Core no value return
  • Where the part is assigned/located
  • Which Tech it's assigned to

Yes, we do. CDA takes parts handling very seriously! We know that companies are losing a ton of money every year due to mis-handling of parts.

CDA has a very comprehensive tracking engine that provides intuitive bar code labels that will locate anything associated with the part such as the Workorder, Purchase Order, Inventory record, Vendor's invoice, and Tracking history.

Other great features such as:

  • Exact Vendor Pricing. The tracking engine links the part directly to the vendor's invoice, so you are using the exact pricing and other information associated to each physical part.
  • Comply with Vendor's Return Policies. The system knows each vendor's return policy for parts and cores and will alert you when parts are approaching their deadlines to be returned.
  • Tracking History. A tracking window will keep track of every time a part is touched giving the date, time, users name, and any action that was taken with the part. You will always know where every part is, the current status of the part, and everyone who touched it throughout the cycle.
  • Pro-Active Reporting. The reporting engine will give you many ways to pull information about parts, cores, RMS’s, returns, and credits. Automated reporting is also available.


Yes, we do. CDA can control an unlimited number of remote inventory locations such as trucks, or even remote parts warehouses.

This is the prompt they will see. If they get the "Unable to load label template 'xxxx.label'.

#1. Download:

#2. Restart and they will be able to print labels.

The CDA Tracking label uses an intense bar code and some low-end scanners may not be sensitive enough to read them correctly. We also print a QR code on this label that scans much more efficiently if you have a QR code scanner (Recommended).

Please check your Dymo Label Writer’s property settings to ensure your best print quality.

  • 1. Open your “Printers & Scanners” page in Windows.Claim number
  • 2. Click on your Dymo LabelWritter printer.
  • 3. Click on “Manage”.
  • 4. Click on “Printer Properties”.
  • 5. Click on “Preferences”.
  • 6. Click on “Advanced”.
  • 7. Under “Printer Features”, make sure the “Print Quality” is set to “Barcodes and Graphics”.

PCI Compliance

Yes. When using CDA Software out of the box, we DO NOT store or transmit credit card information.

CDA Software strongly recommends that our customers never use CDA Software as a means to store sensitive customer information, including credit card information.

When using CDA Software, we significantly help in taking the burden off your organization to help you achieve and maintain PCI Compliance. This is due to not storing any credit card data, handling all tranmission of sensitive information in a PCI compliant way, and using for payment processing.

For CDA Software, customers that use our built-in payment gateway have made maintaining PCI Compliance possible. When a transaction comes back successful from we only store the following information:

  • Amount charged.
  • Last four digits of credit card.
  • Expiration date of credit card.
  • authorization number of transaction.

When a credit card transactions is applied within the CDA Software desktop or mobile application, all transcations are peformed securely with At no point during the transaction handling with does CDA Software store credit card information.

Yes, they are.

Stripe PCI - Learn More

(Stripe customers only) When filling out the PCI SSC, under "Executive Summary" > "Payment Application" > below is the information you'll need to add.

  • Payment Application Name:
  • Version Number: 3.2.1
  • Application Vendor:
  • Is application PA-DSS Listed: Yes
  • PA-DSS Listing Expiry date: NA