Mission Statement

“Our mission is to help companies of all sizes and potential achieve First-Time-Completes and to give those same companies the means to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.”

Since our humble beginnings in 1980, CDA Software has been driven by two simple goals: to help companies achieve first-time-completes; to provide those companies access to tools that will enable them to give their customers the highest possible customer satisfaction.

We’ve designed our software paying special attention to how it’s going to be used by all your employees, whether your employees are in the front office, working remotely or field technicians. All employees will be able to function at their peak performance to get that desired first-time-complete.

Our software is also designed to keep your customers updated in real-time throughout the lifecycle of their claim. No matter how small the task, you should always be able to update your customers utilizing automation, while giving them a way to contact you directly in real-time.