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Completely re-designed and Cloud Based.  All New Dispatch Scheduler Dashboard.   Introducing Pidgins, a full featured suite of customer communication functions.
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The cost of providing In-Home Service has raised dramatically over the years with the high cost of fuel, truck maintenance, wasted time and money on customers that are not home, and the additional payroll expense for time needed to talk with customers about unit status or to confirm appointments.


Now, with the CDA Notifications Interface Module, you will be able to automate these tasks and greatly reduce your operating expenses. Your business will run more efficiently and you will provide a sense of professionalism to your customers.


The CDA Scheduler now has built-in interfacing for Email, SMS Text, and IVR Telephone communications with customers.


Email and SMS Text Messages:

Emailing and Texting can be handled both manually and automatically. When you add a call to the Scheduler, you will be able to click a button to have the system follow up with an email and text message giving the customer a confirmation of the day and time that was scheduled for them. You can also schedule an automated process that will send emails and text messages to all customers reminding them of their upcoming service appointment. You can completely customize the email and also have it include the name and photo of the technician that will be arriving at their home.


The email would look something like this . . .


A manual Notifications button is also available from within the Tech Routes window giving your techs the ability to send batch notifications to everyone on their route.


This interface, along with the automated Repair Status notifications, will provide real-time updates to your customers keeping them completely informed of every aspect of their service. Your overall production and efficiency will rise due to spending less time every day having to call or receive calls from customers.


IVR Telephone Notifications:

CDA Software and JustPressOne, Inc. have developed a very professional and dependable IVR interface that allows us to offer you the ultimate solution to automate your customer notification process. This is a hosted service and integrates 100% into the CDA Scheduler. Your customers will receive an automated interactive telephone call providing information about their service appointment. They will have options available such as "To confirm this appointment, just press 1", "To Reschedule, press 2", "To be transferred to the office, press 3", etc. The results are updated directly into CDA and displayed in the customer's record. Reports are also available to make managing appointments a simple task.


Here's some important facts...

  • When the customer receives the call, your Caller Id is displayed so they know its a call from your company.
  • You record your own messages so the customer will hear a voice they recognize.
  • You control the delivery time of all calls.
  • The customer's responses are received and updated into CDA even when you are closed.
  • The system can call multiple phone numbers such as Home, Cell, Work, etc.
  • If a number is not reached, the system will retry at pre-set intervals.
  • You define your own time bands for service such as AM between 9:00am and 10:30am, etc.
  • Log files are available to display call activity for any period of time.


Click here to listen to a sample message when answered by a person.

Click here to listen to a sample message when answered by voice mail.


  • Improve Customer Relations
  • Improve Technician Productivity
  • Increase Your Business Efficiency


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