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One of the biggest problems facing every service business these days is the handling of parts. Or, should we say, the inadequate handling of parts. In a busy shop, parts can be misplaced or overlooked. Shipping deadlines can be missed, credits can be lost, and follow up is almost impossible. All of this results in an overwhelming loss of revenue.


Intuitive Parts Tracking Labels:

We began by designing a multi-functional bar code tracking label. This label is capable of providing any information needed about the part. It will display the Purchase Order, Vendor Invoice, Inventory record, Work Order, or even a tracking history record.


Detailed procedures will assure proper handling and tracking of all parts. You decide which part numbers are to be tracked in your inventory. CDA will take it from there and make it mandatory for your employees to handle them properly.


Eliminate Pricing Errors:

The tracking engine links directly to the Vendor Invoice Control module and every part that is tracked is tied to the appropriate vendor’s invoice. Therefore, when you scan a part, the pricing information is taken directly from the invoice so it’s impossible to assign the wrong price to a job.


Tracking History Window:

Our goal was to create a very user friendly yet extremely powerful tracking system. The tracking window will provide all the functionality needed to control parts. You simply scan the label and select an action. A complete scanning log is displayed showing each time a part is touched. You will know exactly what the current status is and who handled the part throughout the repair cycle.


A single interface will handle any action you need to apply to a part. Assign it to a tech, add it to work order, transfer it to another location or tech, return it, apply a credit, and much more. The system automatically updates all data tables with your actions so there is no need to bring up various windows. You can even see the time remaining to return the part for credit.



A complete set of reports are available to supply you information needed to monitor parts during a job and track returns for credit or replacement.

Here’s a list of some of the available reports…

  • Parts Assigned to Incomplete Jobs
  • Parts Assigned to Technicians
  • Parts Holding for Return
  • Parts In Transit to Technicians
  • Parts Requiring Core Return
  • Parts Returned and Awaiting Core Credit
  • Parts Returned and Awaiting Full Credit
  • Parts Returned and Awaiting Replacement
  • Cores Returned with No Credit Due
  • Parts That Have Been Field Scrapped


Comply With Vendor's Return Policies:

Each vendor has their own policies to handle returns for parts and cores. CDA will keep track of these deadlines and keep you posted with the time remaining to return parts and cores to assure proper credit.


Support and Training:

The CDA Parts Tracking module is a very complex addition to your CDA Service Manager software suite. We want to assure that the system is installed and being used properly so you can gain maximum benefits. Therefore, CDA will personally help you install the module, provide instructions and support to get you started. FREE On-Line training sessions will also be available to help your staff take advantage of all the powerful features this system has to offer.

As always, help is there when you need it.


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